Quick Ezine Publishing – 6 Best Methods to Quick Ezine Publishing

Quick Ezine publishing can be very useful in your marketing campaigns. Your ezines will help you in promoting and advertising products and services. There are many ways to utilize them. Here are 6 best methods on using ezine publishing for your marketing needs:1. Use ezine publishing to capture email addresses. Write executive reports or special offer reports and publish it as an ezine. Embed a sign up link to it for interested subscribers. You can use captured email addresses to send regular issues of your ezines and to promote your products and services.2. You can also publish free ezines as additional service for your customers. Useful ezines that discuss how-to tips can be very valuable for subscribers. If you can satisfy your customers through this method, there is a great chance that they will patronize your products.3. Create a site or blog and package it as on online magazine. This should be a resource and content-rich site. You can use this to drive traffic to your main website. To do this, you must place links to your main web site. It can be very helpful also if you place an RSS feed icon to your ezine so that customers can regularly subscribe to it.4. Submit your ezines to service providers that distribute articles to web users. A minimum fee is required to acquire the services of distributors, but this fee can result in massive traffic for your main website.5. Join online social network sites and forums and publish your ezines there. Those sites are very rich in quality traffic. If you can establish your expertise and good reputation in social network sites, your ezines can definitely obtain lots of subscribers. You will surely get traffic from this method. What’s more, you will have a steady base of prospective clients.6. In publishing ezines, make sure to include an opt-out button at the bottom part of your ezine. This is required by existing regulations to protect consumers from spammers and unsolicited mails and publications. So, to better enhance your credibility, place an opt-out link in your publications to avoid accusations of spamming.